Make Nobo your next choice in complete home heating

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Creating a complete heating solution for your home has never been easier. Designed to be discreet, the sleek scandinavian design of Nobo panel heaters blends into any style living space including the bathroom!

Are you building, renovating or just updating your heating?
Consider a range of Nobo Panel Heaters as a complete home heating solution. Scandinavian design is world famous for combining clean and timeless designs with user friendly functionality. Mount panels on the wall or even behind furniture for a minimalist look. Heating vents are at the top of the unit rather then the front removing any visual clutter. The panels themselves are only 5.5cm thick therefore won’t protrude unnecessarily, instead adding style and warmth to your home.

Control your heating from anywhere
The Energy Control System (ECS) is an additional add on system, that is designed to link the Nobo panel heaters in zones, enabling central control using your smartphone or tablet. Simply set the desired programs for each zone and sit back and relax.

The future of heating is electric
Renewable energy is growing in importance and the world is moving more to electric. Nobo panels are the smartest choice for energy effeciency, with Nobo you can save energy and money! On standby the panel heater uses only 0.5 watts of energy, this could save you over $80 a year!* Combine this with solar panels and Nobo is a sustainable choice.
*Based on independent testing of 2kW models of Nobo vs similarly priced competitors and based on medium/high usage across winter at an average power price of 28c/kWh.

Explore how to make Nobo your next choice in complete home heating solution

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