How does the ECS work?

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What you need to know before you start

How does the HUB work?
The HUB is the central unit in the Energy Control System. The HUB controls NOBO panels via receivers according to your own weekly programs. The HUB is connected to your wireless network and communicates with NOBO Energy Control App on your smartphone or tablet. From the app, your home is controlled according to your needs and wishes. You can control your home from anywhere in the world, as long as the app is connected to the internet.

What is a receiver?
The HUB sends radio signals to RECEIVERS that can be placed in NOBO panel heaters. Each receiver has a unique ID code enabling the HUB to send signals to the correct unit. The HUB is compatible with all NOBO Oslo panel heater receivers

What is a zone?
Receivers that are supposed to follow the same weekly program and temperature settings, should be placed together in a ZONE in the App. One example could be all the heaters in your living room. A ZONE is simply a group of receivers operating in the same manner. One room can consist of several zones, and one zone can include receivers in different rooms.
For example, you may want to set up each room in your house as a different zone; this would allow the master bedroom to have a different heat to a kid’s bedroom. Alternatively, some people may want to simplify and allocate all their bedrooms to the same zone so that all bedrooms can be controlled at the same time. Name each zone for easy recognition.

What is a weekly program?
Each ZONE must be given a WEEKLY PROGRAM telling the receivers in the zone how to act during a week. For each day of the week you can specify periods as COMFORT, ECO, AWAY or OFF, and the receivers will react accordingly. The below settings work the same when performing a simple override on your whole home.
COMFORT: Use COMFORT setting when you want your room to feel cozy and comfortable. In this mode, the display on your heater should show a sun icon in the top right corner Your preferred COMFORT temperature is set either on the heater or in the Energy Control App.
ECO: Use ECO setting to reduce the temperature when you don’t need full heating. In this mode, the display on your heater should show a moon icon in the top right corner Many people use this mode at night to take the chill off rooms. Your preferred ECO temperature is set either on the heater, or in the Energy Control App.
AWAY: Use AWAY setting when you don’t need to heat your home but it is in an area vulnerable to frost damage. This is typically used when you are away for an extended period over winter. AWAY temperature is fixed to 7 degrees Celsius and cannot be altered.
OFF: Use OFF setting when you don’t want your heater to heat at all. However, if you do want to heat and are unable to change the setting via the app, you can still change to “ECO” mode by manually pressing the top left button on the receiver controls. The sun icon in the heater display should change to a highlighted moon (denoting ECO mode). You can then set the desired thermostat setting. We recommend changing this setting via the app instead of manually overriding to ECO mode.