Product Specifications


Adaptive start allows the heater to learn what time it needs to start heating, so that the room is at the set temperature by the time of the programmed setting.
The reason behind it is that many factors impact on room heat up times (e.g. size of the room and insulation), and initially the heater may start too early or too late. However, with the Adaptive Start, it will learn and recalibrate itself over several days, optimising itself to the best time to start heating.
Adaptive start learns when it needs to turn on so that the room is at a set temperature by the time you need it.


Scandinavian design is world famous for combining clean and timeless designs with user friendly functionality.

Nobo shares this same design ethos. By concealing the heat outlet vents behind the front panel, the seamless heater removes visual clutter and blends in against the wall. It's also only 5.5cm thick, meaning it won't protrude unnecessarily and get bumped into. In Scandinavian style, the heater is built to withstand harsh winters that can plummet to as low as -40°C.

Installing Nobo will add style, comfort, efficiency and value to your home.