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Set your desired temperature and be certain your Nobo heater will stick to it and keep your home comfortable.
With an electronic thermostat that fluctuates by only 0.1°C, you’ll be getting the most accurate thermostat on the market.


The NOBO Panel Heaters are designed to heat the room using both convection and radiant heat. This dual heating distribution happens when the NOBO heaters draw in cool air through their concealed air vents, passing it over the aluminium element to naturally create convection heat - great at keeping an entire room warm for extended periods.

This heat is then gently distributed through the room via the full width air vent at the top of the unit. Without the use of fans or mechanical moving parts, the Nobo ensure all energy used is converted directly into heat.

Independent trsting shows Nobo is 16% more efficient than similarly priced competitor panels.* This could equate to a saving of $86 in heating costs each year** and over the lifespan of the heater, you could make back its initial cost.

The heater also saves you power when not in use. On standby mode, the heater uses only 0.5 watts, compared to the 30 watts used in some other heaters.

*based on independent testing of 2kW models of Nobo vs similarly priced competitor

** based on medium/high usage across winter using a 2kW heater at an average power price of 28c/kWh.