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  Nobo Heating   Information Kit


NOBě manufactures an extensive range of energy efficient room heaters to suit a variety of applications. There is a NOBě to suit your living room, bathroom, recreational room or business premises. The range includes Skirting Heaters, Radiant Heaters and Convectors.


In a DOMESTIC application NOBě Heating Panels are ideal for heating :

  • The smallest to the largest home 

  • Any style of apartment or town house

  • An individual part of the home

NOBě is an ideal choice for new or refurbished BUSINESS PREMISES :

  • Individual Workstations

  • Individual Offices

  • Nursing Homes

  • Schools

  • Kindergartens

  • Churches

  • Restaurants

  • Aged Care

  • Public Halls

  • Shops


For information regarding the benefits of Radiant Heating and selecting the correct NOBě panel size for your application download our Information Kit :